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Hi! Welcome to Katcat Intarsia

My name is Kathy Lindsey and I make wood creations by a process known as Intarsia

Intarsia had its beginning in Italy before Columbus sailed for the new world.  Each piece of wood is hand picked for grain pattern, texture, and color to paint a "picture" with wood. A completed project can consist of hundreds of pieces which are all individualy selected, sanded and fitted into a finished design. Each Intarsia piece is unique and can take many hours to complete.

 My projects are made from both domestic and imported wood. Soft woods include cedar, redwood, fir, and pine. Imported hardwoods include walnut, paduck, bloodwood, purpleheart, oak, canarywood, maple and many others. Thank you for visiting my site.

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 Shipping charges in the US are included in the cost of the item that you purchase. All others please EMail me for shipping rates.